Dad Loses 30 Pounds In Two Months To Save Baby Daughter's Life

In trying times, dads will go to the ends of the earth -- performing feats of strength and kindness -- for their children. The latest heroic example comes from Eduardo Camargo, a man who, Good Morning America reports, lost more than 40 pounds in just two months to save his baby girl.

When the Illinois-based father of three found out that his youngest, Jazlyn, would need a liver transplant, he knew he wanted to be the donor. According to GMA, she was diagnosed with biliary atresia April of last year. Without the surgery, her bile would build up and lead to liver failure or death. Even with two surgeries, doctors told Camargo and his family that the 5-month-old needed the transplant to save her life.

But there was one problem. Camargo was diagnosed with fatty liver disease, which Web MD defines as having fat that makes up more than 5 - 10 percent of the weight of your liver. This condition made him ineligible to be a donor at all.

According to The Chicago Sun Times, he hadn't worked out in years. However, at 210-pounds, Camargo joined a gym and started running, up to 6 miles in an hour. He also followed a strict diet of veggies, water, and portion control.

"There were days when I thought my knees would give out and all I wanted to do was stop, but I would think of my daughter and I would keep going," Camargo told GMA.

And his work paid off. In just two months, Camargo slimmed down to 180 pounds with a fat percentage of less than 2 percent in his liver.

In November of 2012, the then-7-month-old Jazlyn got her transplant. When the surgery was finished, Camargo wanted to see his daughter right way. He walked 10 laps and then collapsed, just to prove to his nurses that he was healthy enough, The Sun Times reports.

"I had this adrenaline because I wanted to go see my daughter," he told the paper. "So when I got to the room in a wheelchair, I got up and grabbed her hand. I said ‘Thank you God, thank you God. Please help my daughter. You helped her this far. Let her go all the way.'”

Now, one year later, Jazlyn is like any other kid. And dad is fully recovered -- with no regrets.

"When you see your child running up and down, you know something good came out of it," he told GMA.

Correction: In an earlier version of this story, it was said that Mr. Camargo lost 40 pounds. He actually lost 30. We regret this mistake, and it has been fixed.

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