Rad Dad-To-Be Gives His Baby's Room The 'MTV Cribs' Treatment

A dad-to-be gave a tour of his baby’s nursery, and it’s the perfect mix of comedy and nostalgia.

That’s because Bryan Canatella did it in the style of "MTV Cribs," funky background music and slow-motion effects included.

From the "elegant diaper changing station" to the "little animal friends," Canatella showed off all the best features of the room. Little Cecilia will even have a walk-in closet.

"I mean it’s kind of a walk-in closet if you’re a baby," Canatella said in the video.

Canatella and his wife, Caryn, are also the ones behind the surprise pregnancy announcement video that has racked up more than 380,000 views since being posted on their YouTube channel in January.

According to ABC News, they are expecting their first child in August.

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