Shameless New Dad Uses Craigslist To Try To Hook Up With His Wife's Delivery Nurse

Your goals as a dad in the delivery room should be simple: provide emotional support through the labor pains, try not to faint, and cheer your lady on as you prepare to welcome your little human into the world.

Oh, and this may seem like a given, but don't spend the whole labor process scoping out the scene for hot nurses, like the gentleman below did.

Yep, in a Jacksonville, NC Craigslist Missed Connection posted earlier this week, a new dad had the gall to wonder if the nurse who helped deliver his newborn was also maybe, sort of into him:


Full text:

This is probably a long shot but you were the nurse taking care of my wife while she was having our baby. I enjoyed our eye contact and would really like to talk to you more. Maybe tomorrow I will be there most of the day and I will bump in to you in the hall way or see you at the nurse station.

Right, because what woman wouldn't love to hook up with a dude who gets his flirt on while his wife is busy giving birth. What. a. catch.

As Jezebel notes, this could be a fake post put up by someone trolling Craigslist. We hope that's the case. If not, congrats, Craiglist guy, you are hereby the worst dad to ever make an appearance in the delivery room.

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