Dad Tries Really Hard To Scold Paint-Covered Sons, Simply Can't Stop Laughing

Dad Tries To Scold Paint-Covered Sons, Can't Stop Laughing

This dad clearly wanted to give his two young sons a stern telling-off after they mischievously got paint everywhere, including all over themselves. But his plan was totally thwarted -- by his own uncontrollable laughter.

In a video posted to YouTube in 2012, and then resurfaced this Nov., the tickled papa films the paint-covered kids as he attempts to scold them. He starts off strong, but by around the 1:48 mark, he starts to fall apart.

“What is funny?” the older of the two boys asks his dad, visibly puzzled.

“I don’t think this is funny at all,” the conflicted father says later between giggles. “It’s not funny. You guys are in big trouble.”

We dare you to try keeping a straight face while watching the adorable boys in the video. We bet you’ll crumble, too.

H/T Reddit

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