Dad Reveals Alter Ego For Daughter's Superhero Day At School

After his daughter "felt silly" dressing up for school, this dad saved the day.

When Danny Arnold's daughter was nervous about the possibility of being the only kid at school who dressed up for Superhero Day, he knew Super Dad had to make an appearance.

On Feb. 12, Arnold took his 3-year-old daughter, Phoebe, to the nursery of a primary school in Merseyside in England. That day, the school hosted Superhero Day. Arnold told The Huffington Post he bought his daughter a Batman costume after she expressed interest in him, but that she said she "felt silly" and was worried she'd be the only student dressed up. Luckily, he had a perfect idea.

"I asked her, 'Should I put my superhero outfit on then?'" he said. "I had a Superman outfit from a couple of years ago from a previous Halloween party. I informed her that Superman and Batman are best friends and they could walk to school together."

With Phoebe dressed in her Batman costume and Arnold donning his Superman one, the pair arrived at school in style.

Phoebe's mom, Claire Phipps, shared the special moment with the Facebook page Life of Dad. Since being posted on Feb. 16, the photo has racked up more than 10,000 likes.

"As long as she's having fun and is happy, that is all that matters," she wrote in the caption.

Arnold told HuffPost that Phoebe loved going to school side by side with her dad in costume. How did he know for sure? She had a "big grin on her face."

Way to go, Super Dad!

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