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'Never Again, Grace Elizabeth': Dad Is Terrified On Dollywood Ride, Daughter Loves It (VIDEO)

Dads are supposed to be fearless. If their kids are afraid of big scary amusement park rides, they're on line for the roller coaster, providing words of encouragement. Right? Not so much for the star of this YouTube video. In three minutes and fifteen seconds of role reversal at its finest, he screams while his little girl has the time of her life.

On the ride, Barnstormer, at the Dollywood amusement park in Tennessee, dad lets out continuous high-pitched yelps, and at one point even shouts, "NEVER AGAIN, GRACE ELIZABETH."

Amusingly, dad doesn't keep his promise. After their first ride ends, Grace wants to go again and he sucks it up -- anything for his little girl, it seems -- even though he's just as scared on swing number two.

The look on dad's face is so priceless, we didn't know whether to laugh or say "aww."

(h/t Jezebel)

Correction: A previous version of this story stated that the ride is called The Screaming Swing. It is called Barnstormer.