Dad Selling Son For $20 Million On Facebook: Nasser Al Shahry's Attempt To Avoid Poverty

When you're out of work and trying to feed your family do you try to sell off one of your children for millions?

That's allegedly what Saud bin Nasser Al Shahry did after the Saudi Arabian government forced him to shut his illegal business, The Daily Mail reports.

Al Shahry allegedly advertised on Facebook that his son could be had for $20 million, the tabloid says.

He turned to trafficking when the government put the kibosh on his debt collection business. Then, welfare officials denied his requests for aid, because he's older than 35, the age limit for receiving benefits, Emirates 24/7 says.

So Al Shahry allegedly offered up his own flesh and blood online, saying later that he wanted to avoid "living in poverty," according to media reports.

Child trafficking in Saudi Arabia is illegal and the post apparently violates Facebook's content policy.