Tommy Jordan, Dad Who Shot Daughter's Laptop, Says He'd Do It Again (VIDEO)

Dad Who Shot Daughter's Laptop Stands By His Actions

Tommy Jordan found his way to YouTube fame by shooting his daughter's laptop on camera last week. Now, despite the criticism he's received, the father says he'd do it all over again.

It all started when Jordan's 15-year-old daughter, Hannah, wrote a note complaining about her responsibilities and posted it on Facebook.

Dad, who's an information technology specialist, spotted the message and took to the Internet to teach his daughter a very public lesson by sending a bullet through her computer.

Days after the video went viral, the North Carolina father took to his Facebook wall to announce he would not be talking to the media, observed. In the post, Jordan emphasized his actions didn't harm anyone:

"My daughter isn't hurt, emotionally scarred, or otherwise damaged, but that kind of publicity has never seemed to be to have a positive effect on any child or family," Jordan wrote.

In addition to receiving thousands of opinions about his actions, Jordan received a visit from the police and Child Protective Services over the weekend, according to the Los Angeles Times. During the visit, a social worker reviewed some parenting tips while the officers allegedly congratulated him for a lesson well taught.

In an open letter to Jordan, HuffPost blogger Lisa Belkin asked the gun-toting father about the lesson's primary takeaway and suggested he re-examine his approach.

Jordan posted on his Facebook wall that he'd do the whole thing over again, though with a few minor tweaks: He'd ditch the cigarette, retract calling his daughter an "ass," change hats and shine his boots. Otherwise, he stands by his actions.

NBC's "Today" polled readers on the incident and reported that 74 percent agreed with Jordan's actions.

However, a Mashable poll showed a majority of readers think Hannah will only continue to be resentful, just without a laptop.

WATCH the original video:

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