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Dad Whose Baby Nearly Lost a Toe Shares Warning About This Very Common Hazard

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A Kansas dad is making headlines after posting a photo on Facebook as a warning to parents everywhere. At first glance, all you might see is a little foot, but closer observation shows what happened to his 19-week-old daughter -- who had a hair tourniquet and almost lost her toe.

I think it's safe to say that many moms and dads have no idea what a hair tourniquet is, or how it can harm their child. Sadly, hair tourniquet syndrome happens to infants, and occurs when a piece of hair (or thread) wraps around one of their little body parts -- commonly a toe or finger -- and likely cuts off blood circulation and causes infection.

Scott Walker and his wife had no idea why their daughter Molly was crying, and at first, they shrugged it off as her just being a baby. But when the 19-week-old started to overheat from her frustration, mom Jessica took off her socks, and thus, she noticed a hair tourniquet on her baby's toe.

As luck would have it, Jessica has what Scott calls "medical emergency superpowers," and was able to safely remove the tourniquet from Molly's toe.

Still, that small piece of hair cut through their baby girl's skin -- prompting Scott to share Molly's story as a warning to parents.

I'm so glad Molly is okay -- and feel absolutely horrible she had to endure any pain!

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This is something I've worried about, as it's not uncommon to find my hair around the house (my husband vacuums like a mad man). What happened to Molly can easily happen to another child, and I'm so glad Scott decided to share his family's story.

While it's likely impossible to guarantee your floors will be clean and clear of any debris (you are a parent), there are steps we can take as moms and dads to help prevent hair tourniquet syndrome -- including checking kids regularly for areas with signs of swelling, and bathing and changing LO's clothes frequently. There are also great tips on caring for a baby after a hair tourniquet removal that, hopefully, will make life a little easier.

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