The Daddy-Daughter Hair Video Is The Joy We Need To See Right Now

Everyone needs a cheerleader like little Linda.

With the back-to-back police killings of Terrence Crutcher and Keith Scott (both of which happened within a week of Tyree King’s death), we all could use a dose of black joy.

Derrick Culpepper gave us that joy when he recorded his daughter, Linda, feeding him nothing but positivity while he styled her hair before school. Because of Them We Can shared the video of the daddy-daughter duo on their Facebook on Tuesday and it’s already gotten more than 300,000 views.

“How am I doing on your hair?” Culpepper asks his baby girl in the video.

“Good!” she replies. Little Linda continues by instructing him to apply more grease, brush her coils and put a band on it.

When her dad lets out a subtle grunt, her sweet little voice is there to lift him up.

“You’re almost done,” she tells him. “You’re doing a good job.”

Once he finishes her hair, Culpepper plants a big kiss on his baby’s cheek and tells her he loves her, as she sports a big Kool-Aid grin. And then we just fall out from all the cuteness.

Watch the video below.



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