Daddy Deserves A Great Day

Daddy Deserves A Great Day
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One of the things that I've often heard over the years from dads is that they get the proverbial tie or their favorite dish for Father’s Day. You want to put a spin on this holiday in his favor making it fresh and fun for the man of the family so he feels very special.

There are practical gifts that dad would really like for Father’s Day. Here are seven useful ideas to show dad how much he is appreciated.

1) One option is let Dad choose what he wants his day to be like. Let him give you his wish list the day before. This way he feels important and well cherished.

2) Find out in advance of Father’s Day a place that he would like to go to and make the necessary arrangements so he can enjoy and relax in comfort.

3) Mom takes the kids out in the morning after breakfast and let him rest. Some men are very hard working and they would like to take a nap because it is a big day with lots of activities in store for the man of the family.

4) Give him a spa treatment. Go together and making it a couples spa treatment. This way he feels especially loved.

5) Serve him breakfast in bed. Each child should read him a card about what he means to them. If it’s a baby, mommy gets to do it in baby talk.

6) Put on a talent show. He can watch his children perform for him whether they are signing and dancing. They want to show Dad their talents. Mommy can be the MC.

7) At some point in the day, Mom and Dad can go for a stroll holding hands reminiscing on their achievements as parents. Choose whatever your favorite walking spot is. It may be a park, beach or street in your neighborhood. As you stroll, Mom is keeping in mind that this day is all about Dad and this is her moment without interruption to shower him with grateful compliments on the job that he’s doing for his family.

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