'Daddy Long Legs, Who Did Name You?': German Vlogger Asks The Big Questions (VIDEO)

German vlogger Flula Borg recently moved to Los Angeles, and even though his English is pretty good, he's still getting the hang of some words. Take daddy longlegs, for instance. Sure, they have a more formal biological-sounding name (opiliones), but if you said "daddy long legs" to your average American, they'd know exactly what you were talking about. This doesn't sit well with Borg. He wants an explanation.

A little about Flula: he's a self-proclaimed musician, DJ, and artist with nearly 6,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. According to his bio, "The world is full of Inspirings for my Art, and my mission in my life is to spread my Musik and Energie to a World, like a big waters balloon exploding and touching all the peoples with cold and refresh water."

Since the colloquial name of the spider isn't going to change anytime soon, hopefully a Google search or the comments on his video will help set Flula's mind at ease so he can get back to his craft.