Cute Kid Note Of The Day: The Daddy Trofy

Today's cute kid note has earned prime placement on the refrigerator.

Title: The Daddy Trofy

Author: Reddit user georgeresch's stepdaughter

Age: 6

What made us say Awww: The recipient of this award explains: "As a stepfather to a 6 year old girl, this is a HUGE honor. Big deal." He adds: Her dad is still around, in a major way. She sees him every weekend. He's an awesome dude, totally made me feel comfortable about stepping into a life he left behind. ... I came on the scene when she was 4, so for her, I was just this dude that was imposing on her time with mommy. So this, this trofy, is a major accomplishment."

Tone: Right on. The author expresses admiration without straying into the realm of obscenity (unintentional or otherwise) -- or resorting to guilt-trip tactics.

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