Daddy Yankee Attends His Own Funeral In 'Ora Por Mi'

Daddy Yankee gets dark and personal with the premiere of his "Ora Por Mi" music video on Tuesday.

The video was filmed in various locations in San Juan, Puerto Rico and the events are seen through the eyes of Daddy Yankee, who takes a retrospective look at his life -- from his childhood to his current fame and even a look into the future on the day of his funeral.

"Ora Por Mi" was directed by Puerto Rico's Christian Suao, and shows the dark side of fame and the consequences of being in the public eyes. It's the singer's most personal video of his career.

"This is a single that many people can identify with." Yankee said via a press statement. "It was cathartic, I spoke about my dream, my fears and my struggles. Like when you think you've attained everything and you realize not everything is as easy as you thought."

This article was originally published on HuffPost Voces by Mandy Fridmann. It has been translated by Carolina Moreno.