Daddy Yankee Gives Back To Students In Puerto Rico

Daddy Yankee Gives Back

By Michael Lopez


Summer vacation is almost here and students in the Puerto Rican town of Adela Rolon Fuentes de Toa Alta got a special treat before their final exams. The one-and-only Daddy Yankee dropped by their campus to offer some inspirational words.

El Big Boss has been doing quite a few good deeds lately and this one concerned his involvement with the Red Cross. Apparently the school he visited raised a ton of money for the charity’s “Unete al Movimiento” campaign.

As you may recall, we mentioned DY’s close ties to the Cross back in February. And we’re proud to say that he stuck to his word, becoming a major part of “Unete’s” Puerto Rico initiative.

And seeing what a good job he did, don’t be surprised if Daddy books a few commencement speaker gigs for hard working Class of 2013. Saludos Señor Yankee!

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