#DadsDoHairToo Shares Talented Dads Doing Their Daughters' Hair

These dads take hairstyling seriously, and it shows.

Moms are often the ones who take on hairstyling duties for their kids, but we’re halfway through 2019, and it should come as no surprise that dads do hair, too.

Alexis Ohanian, husband to Serena Williams, is one of those dads. Williams told Vogue that Ohanian has joined “natural hair” Facebook groups to learn how to share the responsibility of doing their daughter’s hair.

There’s even an entire Instagram hashtag that shines a light on dads doing hair. Just look up #dadsdohairtoo on the photo-sharing app, and you’ll find thousands of images and videos that show fathers combing, brushing and braiding their daughters’ hair into various styles. Similar hashtags, like #hairbydad #dadsdohair and #daddyhairstylist, bring up hundreds more. And we’re not talking just simple ponytails here, we’re talking seriously coiffed ’dos.

Ahead of Father’s Day, we just wanted to send a little shout-out to all the dads out there who take the time to do their daughters’ hair. Below, check some of the most adorable and impressive posts featuring dads channeling their inner hairstylists, found on the #dadsdohairtoo page and others like it. (Photos and videos have been posted with permission.)

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