Dads Reveal How Having Daughters Has Changed Their View Of Women [QUOTES]

If a little girl pours you an imaginary cup of tea, you drink it, with your pinky in the air, dammit.

When men become fathers, they usually know they're going to play a big role in shaping a child's personality. What new dads might not anticipate, though, is how their kids -- especially daughters -- will change them.

A February 2012 study showed that having girls puts a guy in touch with his feminine side in a big way. Men who have daughters, the researchers found, are much more likely to let go of gendered expectations.

And, new support for these findings comes from Reddit. In a recent thread, the dads of the link-sharing powerhouse (dudes who usually talk about science, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars), broke form to answer one woman's question: How has having daughters changed your perception of women?

The guys' comments ranged from sweet to sad to hilarious, but one user's answer rose to the top of the pile, quickly landing on the best of Reddit. Ardentfrost said:

It gave me a lot of opinions on what it means to be a man. Being a man isn't anger, it's not yelling, it's not violence, it's not fighting, it's not impatience, it's not acting before thinking. Being a man is making right decisions, it's doing the right thing, it's treating people well despite how they treat you, it's fully assessing a situation, it's understanding through perception, it's remaining calm, and it's doing all these things in the face of adversity. I'm not perfect; I make mistakes. But I do my best to be a good man, because my daughter needs that. She must know what a good man is, so that in what will feel like a few short years, when boys are falling over themselves to talk to her, she'll know what is good in a man.

After getting a flood of attention, he added, "I am not telling you how to be a man. I'm telling you how to be an example to your daughter."

We think all of these guys are doing a pretty amazing job setting those examples. Click through the slideshow for more great responses we saw on Reddit.

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