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Dad's Magical Photos Take Sons On Epic Adventures

Beautiful and inspiring!

Photographer Gabe Tomoiaga likes using his art to transport his three young sons into magical worlds.

The Seattle-based dad photographs 4-year-old Landon, 2-year-old Liam and 10-month-old Lucas as they go on outdoor adventures in local parks, beaches and even their own backyard. Then, he uses some editing magic to bring their imaginary worlds to life.

"My sons are my world! Everything they say and do inspires me to create magical photographs," Tomoiaga told The Huffington Post. "They don’t think about the past or the future, they only focus on the present moment taking pleasure in the small things."

The three little boys "absolutely love taking photos," the dad said, adding, "Their eyes light up every time we take off to our next adventure!" Not only do the kids enjoy posing for the shoots but they also want to get involved with the photography equipment and editing. Working with energetic little boys can be a challenge though, as they sometimes have a hard time remaining still, Tomoiaga said.

When it comes time to view the finished images, the photographer says his sons are "captivated" and like to describe each one as if they're telling a story.

Tomoiaga hopes his photos will inspire people to use their imaginations and focus on the simple yet important things in life.

"Live in the moment!" he urged. "Spend more time with your loved ones. Time is the most valuable thing, and lost time is never found again."

White Lion
Gabe Tomoiaga
Fishing For Dreams
Gabe Tomoiaga
Where The Wild Things Are
Gabe Tomoiaga
Gabe Tomoiaga
Hold On To What's Precious
Gabe Tomoiaga
Gabe Tomoiaga
Liam Of The Wolves
Gabe Tomoiaga
Gabe Tomoiaga
Gone With The Wind
Gabe Tomoiaga
A Route Less Traveled
Gabe Tomoiaga
In Search Of Love
Gabe Tomoiaga
Little Explorer
Gabe Tomoiaga
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