Dad's Spot-On Comic Offers An Important Message About Consent

This comic tackles a difficult-but-necessary topic.

Illustrator Chris Grady has made a name for himself with his online comic series, Lunarbaboon, which documents everyday life with his partner Danielle and their two children ― 6-year-old Moishe and 1-year-old Matilda.

His latest comic, titled “Yours,” tackles a difficult-but-necessary topic that parents discuss with their children: consent.

Chris GradyLunarbaboon

Grady told The Huffington Post that Danielle inspired this comic. “She is always telling our two children that they are the boss of their own bodies and that no one can touch, kiss, hug, them without their permission,” he explained.

“So, needless to say when Danielle went in to kiss my 1.5 year old and was forcefully pushed away with a loud ‘no,’ we were all very proud,” he added.

The dad said he believes “Yours” ― while light in tone ― underscores the importance of discussing consent.

“I hope the comic reminds parents that it is never too early to let our kids know that no one (parents, friends, Donald Trumps) have the right to put their hands on them,” Grady said. “Everyone is the boss of their own body.”

Hear, hear!

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