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Dafne Almazán Anaya, 10 Year-Old, Is Mexico's Youngest College Student (VIDEO)


10 year-old Dafne Almazán Anaya is Mexico's youngest college student. She is currently enrolled at the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey ("Technology Institue of Monterrey") where she's studying to earn a degree in Psychology.

Dafne started primary school when she was 6 yrs old. In less than four years she graduated from primary, middle school and high school and is now on her to getting her college degree.

Despite her younger age, Dafne followed the same curriculum as the rest of her older classmates in high school.

"I used to imitate my sister when she was doing her homework, I started copying her and I started trying to the homework," said Dafne in this reported piece by FOROtv, a broadcast television network owned by Televisa. At the time she was three years old.

The smart genes run in the family. Dafne's older siblings are also gifted kids.

Her brother, Andrew, graduated from college when he was 16 years old with a degree in psychology. At 18, he is currently studying to become a doctor.

"We get along really well," said Dafne in Spanish of her relationship with brother according to PubliMetro, the Mexican edition of Metro newspapers "He gives me advice, we play a lot and watch movies. He's a great example to follow."

Their sister, Delanie, 14, is also currently enrolled in college. Her and Dafne are doing the psychology program together.

So what does a 10 year old college student do in her daily life outside of school?

"I read daily," said Dafne in Spanish to PubliMetro . "I don't like watching television except for movies and documentaries."

But not everything in her life is so serious.

“The real Dafne would be here with ripped socks. She's a playful kid, who's always getting into trouble because she's moving and running all over the place and breaking stuff," said her mother Dunia Anaya according to Vanguardia, a Mexican newspaper.

At the end of the day Dafne is still a kid.

"It's normal for her to keep playing because she's still a kid and she's young and the fact that she's enrolled in university does not mean she should skip these years in her life," said Asdrubal Almazan, Dafne's father to Vanguardia.

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