Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' Leaked As Full Song With Pharrell Williams Appears Online (UPDATE)

Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" has been "leaked" about one thousand times by now, but on Wednesday, it appears as though the actual thing finally hit the web.

The song, which features Pharrell Williams on vocals and Nile Rodgers on guitar, clocks in at just over four minutes and delivers on the funky promise of the many teasers the French house duo debuted during "Saturday Night Live" and at Coachella's first weekend.

UPDATE, 4/18: The official version of "Get Lucky" has been released. Listen above.

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Multiple false versions of the track -- mostly comprised of loops stitched together by overzealous fans and trolls -- permeated the internet in the days up to this leak. Stereogum posted a fake version and later deleted an article on the song, and just Wednesday, none other than Rolling Stone promoted a fan-made track as though it was the real thing (their page has also since been deleted).

The main difference between those tunes and this version: Pharrell actually has verses on this one.

There is no official confirmation that this is the album version of the song. A radio station posted an earlier, loop-only version of the song and said it sounded "pretty damn close" to the official version. The version below has more instrumentation and added vocals, the latter of which some have said seem unmixed and flat.

"Get Lucky" is the lead single off "Random Access Memories," Daft Punk's comeback album. The disc is due in stores and on digital retailers on May 21.

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