Daily Deal For August 2nd 2011: Alex and Ani USA Multiple Bangle Bracelets (Video)


Stacks of bracelets are hot fashion accessories, but not every bangle is a fabulous fit. We love the way Carolyn Rafaelian’s bangles fit us — literally and philosophically.

For starters, these wire bangles are expandable. Instead of a traditional clasp, each bracelet has a patented sliding mechanism so you can adjust it to just the right size. Buy Expandable Wire Bangle Bracelets here No more too-big bangles that won’t stay put or too-tight bracelets that bruise your knuckles when you try to squeeze them on. We’re also fans of Carolyn’s mission. She founded Alex and Ani (named after her first two daughters) to design jewelry that not only adorns the body, but also uplifts and inspires those who wear her spirited creations. Each subtle charm, textured finish and beaded bangle is chosen for its power — to inspire peace, love, and good luck, for instance.

Alex and Ani’s signature finishes are Russian gold and Russian silver, which are oxidized for a warm, antique look. All of Carolyn’s bangles are made in the U.S. and incorporate eco-friendly materials. She purchases recycled metals from local mills, uses what she needs to make her jewelry, and then sells the scraps back to the mills for reuse. Full circle, fully rewarding.

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