Daily Deal: Violet Love Maxi Dresses, Headbands and Scarves (Video)


What makes a civil engineer start designing headbands? The chance to solve a nagging problem with an elegant solution. The problem was headbands that won’t stay in place, and the solution is Violet Love’s printed headbands, which look great, absorb sweat and won’t slide off in the middle of a workout.

The founder of Violet Love is Rebecca Michaels (on the right), who left her engineering career after the headbands she designed made a big splash at surf shops around Ocean City, Maryland. Now her repertoire includes gorgeous new dresses and scarves. Your practical side will love that the scarves are lightweight, machine-washable and wrinkle-free (perfect for traveling). Your artistic side will love the incredibly soft fabric and unusual printed patterns, which are abstract and colorful with a laidback vibe.

The super long, super soft Maxi dress can be worn in so many different ways -- to work, around town, or to the beach. It keeps you cool and comfortable and has enough shape so you’ll feel put-together, not sloppy.

There are lots of options for wearing the Violet Love accessories, too. You can go wide or slim with the headband, smoothing it across your forehead or sliding it toward the crown of your head.Buy Violet Love's fashion dresses, scarves and headbands for women here. It’ll stay in position either way. The scarves are incredibly versatile, too. There’s enough fabric to wear one as a lightweight wrap around your shoulders, yet it’s not too bulky to loop around your neck. They’ll be your go-to attire this season, surfside to streetside.

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