Daily Deal For August 8th, 2011: Tia's Freestyle Sandals (Video)

For anyone with hopeless addiction to fashion magazines or a working knowledge of the contestants on Project Runway, today’s Grommet is for you. Tia’s Freestyle Sandals incorporate a simple, unique, and versatile design that lets you swap out sandal tops and tie them up in different ways to create your own personalized style. The bases are genuine all leather, and the tops are made from lovely, colorful vintage silk saris.

Tia doesn’t manufacture their sandal tops, they recycle them from luxurious, soft Indian saris that would otherwise be discarded due to age or damage. A sari is a long garment worn by women in India, which is often intricately patterned and hand woven with gold “zari” (or “golden thread”) embroidery. Each gorgeous Tia sandal top is a limited edition style that can be worn in a variety of ways, giving you a unique footwear style that’s nearly one of a kind.

Mix and match your sandal straps with the sleek, elegantly casual base for a comfortable and exotic addition to your shoe wardrobe. Perfect for summer, Tia’s sandals are a creative, earth-friendly fashion choice.

Check out these amazing sandals on our video! Then see what your creativity can create. Your feet will thank you.

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