Relive This Day In History With These Hysterically Inaccurate Vines

History is funny.

The comedians of Daily History Society think it's important for people to know their history. Granted, their versions of history might not be the most accurate, but they're far more entertaining. And if history or Kansas public school science books have taught us anything, it's that accuracy isn't important. At least not as important as having a good time.

So, have a good time with some of our favorite Daily History Society vines breaking down notable moments from the past in ridiculous, six-second intervals and be sure to check out their new videos posted every day on Vine.

A modern day Paul Revere would have been taking selfies throughout that ride.

We knew it!

Yeahhhh, this would probably be our reaction to space travel.

So THAT'S how Florida became a state!

The party hasn't changed much, has it?



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