'Daily Mail' Greatest Hits: 14 Absurd Headlines About Women

Do you ever find yourself reading and then re-reading a headline to make sure that it's real and that you haven't accidentally landed on the Onion?

If you read the Daily Mail regularly, this is probably a familiar experience, especially if you peruse its stories about women. The British rag's headlines are so dependably outrageous that they've spawned a Daily Mail-o-matic, a tool that generates Daily Mail-esque headlines, but none are more absurd than the female-centric offerings.

Jezebel has chronicled this phenomenon for years in posts tagged "Daily Fail," but the British paper has so outdone itself recently, that it seemed time for a little roundup. For your amusement -- and horror -- here are some of the most ridiculous Mail headlines we've come across in the past couple of months. Scroll through and let us know which you think wins Craziest Representation of Womankind. Ready? Let's begin:

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