Daily Mail Women: Woman Claims That It's Every Wife's Duty To Look Good For Other Men

Sometimes we think that the Daily Mail publishes certain stories with the sole intention of pissing women off. (Yes, we're referring to you, Samantha Brick.)

Their latest intentionally controversial article, titled "Why It's Every Wife's Duty To Make Other Men Fancy Her" comes from a woman named Angela Epstein. Epstein claims that "it’s critical for a married woman, however happy she is, to make herself desirable to other men."

Apparently, sexing yourself up for other men is the only thing that will make your husband remember why he married you.

So "sour-faced, school-run mums with their hands up a chicken or their elbows in a twin tub," we bring you the piece's five most egregious quotes. Read ahead if you want to keep your man and/or have your blood boil into a fury.

1. "Remember, if he married you, he must have fancied you (once)."

2. "That’s why you have to remind him that other men find you sexy — otherwise you dent his delicate male ego by suggesting he’s not worth scrubbing up for."

3. "He knows how you look in the morning with last night’s make-up landsliding down your face and hair matted like the bottom of a cat basket... If that’s all you ever show him, it’s simply inevitable that he’ll take you for granted."

4. "Your spouse remembers only too well watching his beautiful bride transformed into an enormous, foul-mouthed harpy on the delivery table."

5. "I see married women all the time in their ugly shoes or with their badly concealed baby weight, tagging alongside an uninterested spouse... These women are, I’m afraid, inviting their man to stray."

So, what are your thoughts? Or is this just too absurd to comment on?



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