Daily News Owner Mort Zuckerman Says Donald Trump Never 'Saved' Paper

NEW YORK -- Donald Trump didn't care much for the Daily News' cover on Monday that mocked his presidential aspirations as a circus act, complete with clown make-up. The "Sideshow Don" headline referred to Senior White House Adviser David Plouffe's dismissive take on the real estate mogul-turned-reality star's recent turn to politics.

On Thursday, Trump told New York Post State Editor Fred Dicker on the radio that the Daily News was "disloyal" to him because he once "saved" the newspaper after Mort Zuckerman and former Co-Owner Fred Drasner came to him for help.

"I understand the Daily News," Trump said. "I saved the Daily News when Mort Zuckerman and Fred Drasner came to me years ago, and they had a huge problem, and I was able to help then save the Daily News. And that's the treatment I get. So that's called very disloyal and I could go into it, and probably I will later on down the line when it's important. But it's not that important right now."

Trump's claim was news to Zuckerman, who told The Huffington Post, "its the first I heard of this."

Zuckerman, a fellow real estate mogul who also recently considered stepping into politics, said he has "no idea what [Trump's] talking about" and can't recall ever asking him for help on anything.

In light of Trump's on-air boast about him, Zuckerman joked that he "just finally realized that I have a twin brother."