'The Daily Show' Asks Pro Wrestler To Help Democrats Strengthen Their Message

A wrestler mentality might be what Democrats need in 2018.

The Democrats are rarely the party of simple messaging. Former Secretary of State John Kerry was famously satirized for his complicated and long-winded responses. Kerry is very intelligent, but good messaging isn’t always about smarts. Sometimes it’s about simplification.

This is why Republicans often rely on simple single-issue messages, like “Tax cuts!” and “Don’t take our guns!” to energize people.

“The Daily Show” correspondent Ronny Chieng found a pro wrestler called “The Progressive Liberal” on the Appalachia circuit.

In the wrestling world, The  Progressive Liberal, whose real name is Dan Richards, is usually the villain. But as a performer, he relies on a clear-cut vision of his character to sell his message. And perhaps that’s a lesson progressive liberals need to learn before this year’s elections.

Check out The Progressive Liberal’s messaging advice in the clip above.