John Oliver On CNN's Royal Baby Coverage: 'News Has Gone On Maternity Leave' (VIDEO)

John Oliver could not contain his disbelief over cable news coverage of the royal baby on Tuesday night.

CNN stunned viewers when one of its correspondents interviewed a British woman in labor in the delivery room on Monday. The woman told CNN that she was receiving laughing gas, but "nothing's funny."

"Really, nothing is funny?" Oliver wondered on Tuesday. "Not even the spectacle of a once-great news organization reduced to shoving microphones in the faces of women in labor?

Both the network and MSNBC, he noted, also aired three minutes of just cannons going off in honor of the birth of the royal baby. The host had a field day with the coverage. "In response to the royal birth, the news has gone on maternity leave," Oliver joked. Watch at the 1:44 mark in the clip above.



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