Jon Stewart Slams Ingraham For Comparing Health Care Reform To Holocaust (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart took on the most recent Tea Party protests last night. And while much as been made of the crowd itself, Stewart was quick to point out that the speakers were just as over-the-top as the rowdy masses.

Steve Lonegan, state director for Americans For Prosperity, tried to echo the sentiments of the crowd, exclaiming that "we cannot allow the pen to become mightier than the sword." Stewart knocked Lonegan for the statement, saying that the pen being mightier than the sword is "only the basis for our civilization."

But the speaker taking the cake was Laura Ingraham. The radio personality paraphrased a famous Holocaust poem, "First They Came, " in an attempt to make an analogy to her stance against health care reform. Her evocation of the Nazis was a tad hyperbolic in the eyes of Stewart, who seemed to doubt that Ingraham recognized that "came for" was a euphemism for "round up and kill."

Stewart closed by making a pledge to Ingraham:

"If the government begins to round up and kill the rich and the landowning and those who choose to exercise the right to bear arms...I'll speak up."


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