Trevor Noah Loves The Giant Eggs That Donald Trump Laid At His Easter Party

"I'm here with Rabbit Jesus," smirks Noah in a "Daily Show" parody of the president's oratorical style.

Could President Donald Trump have given a more tone-deaf Easter speech to the kids and parents gathered on the White House lawn for the annual egg roll? Trevor Noah doesn’t think so.

The “Daily Show” host was aghast after playing a clip of Trump gushing on Monday about being “stronger and bigger and better as a nation than ever before ... we’re right on track.”

Noah adds: “You can see that’s a guy who has no idea what Easter is actually about.”

So he takes another stab at the speech, Trump style. “Easter is such a holy day. People, I’m here with Rabbit Jesus. It’s so holy, folks, you wouldn’t believe it. So holy, so big,” Noah smirks in his best presidential impersonation.

One last egg for the day: The fact that Melania had to nudge her husband — on camera for the entire world to see — to remind him to put his hand over his heart when the national anthem was played.

You can imagine what she might have said to him, Noah remarks, in his best Slovenian accent: “C’mon, Donald, it’s easy: Just put your hand where the human heart is supposed to be.”

Fortunately, Noah pointed out, the day was saved ... by a kind of “resurrection” — in eye-melting pink — of Kellyanne Conway.