‘The Daily Show’ Nails Total Hypocrisy Of Ex-Trump Officials Promoting Tell-All Books

Michael Kosta's parody video ends with a not-so-surprising twist.

Former Trump White House officials who saved damning details about Donald Trump’s administration for their tell-all books got the treatment from “The Daily Show” correspondent Michael Kosta on Monday.

“I thought the public needs to know about this right now, which is why I’m releasing this book right now, three years after it happened,” Kosta said, mocking the legions of former Trump officials whose memoirs call out the former president’s outrageous behavior long after the fact.

“Mic check, mic check, I had to be the adult in the room. I had to be the adult in the room,” the comedian added.

Most recently, former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has come under fire for failing to speak out at the time about Trump’s unhinged suggestions of shooting George Floyd protesters and launching missile strikes on Mexico drug labs.

Kosta continued to roast the former officials in the parody clip. But when asked if he’d support Trump in 2024, he only had one answer.

Watch the video here:

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