Genius Browser Extension Turns Donald Trump's Tweets Into Childish Scribbles

"The Daily Show" is making his tweets “eight again.”

Give President Donald Trump’s tweets the childish makeover they so often deserve with “The Daily Show’s” new internet browser extension.

Free to download for Google Chrome or Firefox, it transforms the commander in chief’s social media tirades into the scribbles of an 8-year-old, as below:

On its website, the late night show revealed it just wanted to convert Trump’s tweets “back into their rightful state.”

If you’re not a fan of this extension, there are awesome alternative versions.

You can give his tweets the Comic Sans treatment, replace images of Trump with kittens or cheeseburgers or mentions of his name with that of Harry Potter’s nemesis Lord Voldemort.

Or you could take the nuclear option by using the “Trump Filter” to completely erase all trace of the president from your browser.

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