Fox News’ Worst Coronavirus Moments Honored In Scathing ‘Daily Show’ Poll

The late-night comedy show previously "honored" the network as "Heroes of the Pandumbic."

“The Daily Show” team is hitting Fox News yet again, this time asking viewers to weigh in on the right-wing network’s “most iconic” screenshot of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

Fox hosts have downplayed the threat, praised President Donald Trump despite consistent missteps by his administration and elevated voices calling for an end to the shutdowns even if it means Americans will die

With that in mind, “The Daily Show” asked viewers to cast their vote on Twitter:  

After receiving more than 50,000 votes, the winner was not from Fox News itself but its sister network, Fox Business, where host Lou Dobbs once posted a poll of his own. Dobbs asked viewers to rate Trump’s performance, offering the choices of “superb,” “great” or “very good.” Critics online mocked Dobbs, with many comparing the poll to what might be seen in North Korea’s state-run media. 

In second place was Fox News host Sean Hannity proudly announcing zero deaths in the United States from the virus during a February broadcast. Since then, more than 33,000 Americans have died, a number that continues to rise each day

Earlier this month, “The Daily Show” put together a supercut of Fox News hosts talking about coronavirus in a clip they called “Heroes of the Pandumbic”:

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