Fox News Hypocrisy On Protests Exposed In Damning ‘Daily Show’ Supercut

The network's hosts weren't nearly as keen on federal law enforcement when Obama was president.

Fox News personalities cheering President Donald Trump’s decision to use federal law enforcement agents to quell Black Lives Matter protests had a very different take when Barack Obama was president.

A new supercut from “The Daily Show” shows the conservative network’s hosts praising Trump over his highly-criticized decision to send federal agents in combat gear to Portland, Oregon. Yet many of those same hosts slammed Obama during a 2014 standoff in Nevada between federal law enforcement and armed militants defending rancher Cliven Bundy.

When Bureau of Land Management agents seized cattle from the Bundy ranch due to his failure to pay grazing fees for decades, personalities such as Sean Hannity of Fox News and Lou Dobbs of Fox Business weren’t as keen on law enforcement intervention:

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