Daily Show, Hall And Oates Pay Tribute To Alan Colmes [UPDATE: Hannity Responds]

Daily Show, Hall And Oates Pay Tribute To Alan Colmes [UPDATE: Hannity Responds]

The highlight of last night's Daily Show was the moving send-off that Stewart gave career Fox News doormat Alan Colmes, who will be leaving the Hannity & Colmes show in January. Lamenting that he couldn't find the words to sum up what Alan Colmes meant to him, host Jon Stewart was ably aided by rock legends Daryl Hall and John Oates, who paid tribute to Colmes through a re-written version of their classic song, "She's Gone." Of Colmes, they sang, "You're the only non-douchebag on that show!" Aye, verily.

UPDATE: Colmes' co-host Sean Hannity responded to Stewart (and Hall, and Oates!) in a statement today: "I was actually thinking of Jon [Stewart] as a co-host but I needed someone who could be smart and funny without 50 writers and two has-been rockers who are badly in need of Botox."



Anytime you need a token liberal
Nothin' but a body to fill a chair
The barest shadow of a person
Alan Colmes is always there.

But all those years of non-existence
Can really run a person down.
Now he's leaving Hannity forever
Alan, please don't go!
You're the only non-douchebag on that show
He's gone. Bye bye,
Oh why
He was the Tango to his cash
And he's gone.
Oh why
To the extent
That I hadn't noticed he was there
But he's gone.
Oh why
What went wrong?
He's gone. Bye bye
Oh why?
He was the Laurel to his Hardy
He's gone
To spend
More time
Not being seen with his family
He's gone
What went wrong?

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