'Sexiest Doctor Alive' Shares Coronavirus Tips In Flirty 'Daily Show' Interview

Comedian Desi Lydic did her best to keep the interview professional.

The “Sexiest Doctor Alive” is here to help you cope during this difficult time.

Dr. Mikhail Varshavski, who goes by the handle Dr. Mike, found internet fame when People Magazine dubbed him the “Sexiest Doctor Alive” in 2015. Now, with more than 3.6 million followers on Instagram, the New York City physician has been using his stardom to share information and advice about the coronavirus pandemic.

On “The Daily Show” Thursday night, comedian Desi Lydic did her best (and to be honest, failed) to keep her composure while interviewing the handsome medical expert, who is on the frontlines in America’s epicenter of the crisis.

Dr. Mike said it has been a tough time for doctors who are balancing saving lives with protecting their own health. With this in mind, he urged people to continue socially distancing themselves to flatten the curve of new infections and thereby reduce the strain on hospitals.

Unfortunately for Lydic, this advice also applied to “young and attractive” people.

Check out the flirty and informative interview below:

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