'Daily Show' Introduces Rally's 'Sanity Riders' (VIDEO)

'Daily Show' Introduces Rally's 'Sanity Riders' (VIDEO)

A week out from the Rally To Restore Sanity, "The Daily Show" shows the sentimental heart behind its satire by beginning a recurring segment, full of the old "get on the bus" spirit. They've selected six people to bring to the rally and be subjected to the misrule of their antic correspondents. Collectively, these sanity riders are a diverse array of politically ecumenical and instantly likable people, all of whom seem refreshingly, well... sane. And having taken something of an interest in the lives of six ordinary Americans, the show can now boast of having taken an interest in six more ordinary Americans than the rest of the media has this entire election year.

(Also how much do you want to go on a pirate cruise with that woman from Baltimore, because how much fun does THAT look like?)


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