'Daily Show' Segment Investigates Investigative Journalism (VIDEO)

"Investigative journalism—what ever happened to that?" Jon Stewart asked during Monday night's "Daily Show."

Correspondent John Oliver set out to investigate investigative journalism and found that while the hard-nosed reporting might be a dwindling priority at various news networks, the practice is cropping up in some other unusual places.

During an interview with investigative reporter Kaj Larsen, the former CNN journalist said that he is now employed by HBO's "The Newsroom" due to the news network's downsizing.

"I work at 'The Newsroom' ... I pitch them ideas about investigative stories and they take those real world ideas and they inject them into the plot lines of the show," Larsen said.

"No, no no. This can't be right. Please tell me that the only newsroom hiring people like Kaj is not a pretend one," Oliver said.

Jon Stewart