'The Daily Show' Looks At The Legend Of 'El Jebe' Jeb Bush

The Republican party has two candidates with Latino roots seeking the presidential nomination, but on Wednesday night's "Daily Show," host Jon Stewart and correspondent Al Madrigal found a third GOP "Latino" candidate.

Madrigal dismissed senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz as part of a "snooty subset" of Latinos because they're Cuban.

"They're like the WASPs of the Latino world," Madrigal, the show's "senior Latino correspondent," said.

But there is another.

Adopting a thick accent straight out of an old Western -- and with a toothpick in his mouth -- Madrigal told "the tale of the legend of a candidate for president who speaks fluent Spanish and has a Mexican wife who raised Mexican children and regularly eats Mexican food. And this man is a Republican.”

That candidate is "El Jebe," a.k.a. former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

"Most candidates are scrambling to go after Latinos now, but Jeb Bush started his outreach program in 1974," Madrigal said, referring to the year Bush married his wife, Columba, who was born and raised in Mexico. "He literally married into the demographic."

Learn more about the "legend of El Jebe" in the clip above.



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