'Daily Show' Discovers That Joe Biden Is 'The Seinfeld Of Vice Presidents'

With "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart out sick, longtime correspondent Jason Jones got to fill in at the anchor desk, and he spent the first part of the show examining someone else who's used to living in the shadow of a better-known boss.

Vice President Joe Biden has been making headlines lately for a series of gaffes, including referring to his job as a "bitch" and then having to apologize to Turkey and the United Arab Emirates for separate verbal faux pas incidents.

But were those really mistakes? Jones sees it another way: Joe Biden is just the Jerry Seinfeld of vice presidents, saying "the true things we're all thinking."

And with that, Jones launched into his own Seinfeld-esque Biden routine.

Jones even gave Biden some tips on how to apologize... via emoji.

Check out the clip above for more.



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