'Daily Show's' Jason Jones Turns Into The Music Man To Sell Koch Bros. To Small Town


"It was kind of like being endorsed by Charles Manson."

That's how City Councilman Chris Turner of Coralville, Iowa described the support of the Koch brothers in his small town election on Wednesday's "Daily Show." Correspondent Jason Jones headed to the city of 20,000 to investigate why the Koches and their Americans for Prosperity super PAC have been propping up conservative candidates in small towns.

Mayor John Lundell told Jones that most citizens of the town felt that the presence of AFP had brought "an air of ugliness" to the typically well-mannered city. Councilman Turner, who told Jones that he tied for last, agreed that their election methods were "reprehensible."

Vice President Joe Biden even gave Lundell a congratulatory phone call last November when Koch-run campaigns were defeated on the ballot in Coralville.

But some plutocrats fail to see the problem in large private entities penetrating local elections. Matthew Vadum, a conservative operative whom "The Daily Show" referred to as a "political insider" (the show must have such characters on speed dial when they need a villain), called these Iowans "closed minded" for lambasting the Koch tactics.

"One man's sleaze is another man's class," he said. He further claimed that "you have to have a little bit of showbiz" when selling negative campaigns.

Jones took that to heart -- by donning a straw hat, striped suit and cane, and appearing at a city council meeting where he launched into a song and dance a la Harold Hill of "The Music Man."

"I believe in baseball, double-bacon corn dogs, apple pie and and all that small-town talking point crap," Jones sang. "But I also believe in Chuck Norris robocalls paid for the Koch brothers super PAC!"

Check out the clip above to see "The Daily Show" investigate what the Koch brothers are up to in Iowa.

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