‘The Daily Show’ PSA Begs Canada To Invade ‘Failed State’ America

“What if I told you about a country in crisis, a country ravaged by disease, where the economy has collapsed, where soldiers patrol the streets."

“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” issued a spoof PSA-style appeal for Canada to invade the “failed state” of America on Thursday.

The Comedy Central show’s correspondents ― Roy Wood Jr., Jaboukie Young-White, Michael Kosta, Desi Lydic, and Dulcé Sloan ― began by lamenting a country “in crisis,” “ravaged by disease,” where “the economy has collapsed” and “soldiers patrol the streets.”

“Now, what if I told you that that country is America?” they asked. “Admit it. America is a failed state. America needs a return to democracy. And if it’s one thing America knows, it’s when a country needs democracy, you invade it.”

“Please invade us. We’re not asking for a donation, we’re asking for an invasion,” the comedians added. They asked viewers to sign an online petition that has now garnered more than 23,000 signatures.

“And to my fellow Americans, why would we not want Canada to invade us? We’ll still have racism, but it will be polite. Canadian racism, with a smile.”

Check out the video here: