Trevor Noah Calls Out Racial Double Standard For NFL Quarterbacks

"What? Cam Newton doesn't study? That's bulls**t!"

Trevor Noah took on one of the most tired double standards in sports during Thursday's episode of "The Daily Show" when he called out the different way the media covers black and white quarterbacks. 

Noah took a look at how one news report in particular described the two quarterbacks set to participate in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday -- the Carolina Panthers' Cam Newton and the Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning.

While Manning was described in the report as a "prolific passer" who obsesses over game film, Newton was depicted as "demonstrative" and compared to a "rambunctious kid on the playground."

Noah responded to this coded language by turning it on its head. 

"What? Cam Newton doesn't study? That's bulls**t!" he said. 

 Yes it is, Trevor. Yes it is.


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