Supercut Blasts A Massive Hole In Republicans’ Claim They Are Being Silenced

"The Daily Show" points out the fatal flaw with the common conservative complaint.

A favorite gripe of pro-Trump Republicans is exposed as a sham in a new supercut released by “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.”

In the video montage, various high-profile conservative figures moan about being silenced by the media. But, as the video mockingly points out, they are making those very claims of censorship on television shows that are being watched by millions of people.

Republicans have no way to communicate,” Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) complains on the widely watched Fox News.

Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs, meanwhile, rails against the stifling of free speech ― on his prime time show.

Watch the video here:

CORRECTION: This article previously misidentified Rep. Devin Nunes’ party affiliation.

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