'Daily Show' Reunion: Colbert Welcomes Carell AND Stewart (VIDEO)

The moment last night's "Colbert Report" began, you knew some gold was a-comin'. The show opened with guest Steve Carell, who was clearly not content with just plugging his movie. Nope, he took over the entire intro, dubbing it the "Carell Corral."

But the real magic happened later as Colbert's attempt to interview his former "Daily Show" colleague devolved into a revival of their classic segment "Even Stevphen." After breaking out the bit's original title sequence, the two proceeded fire insults at will, knocking the other down a peg with each jab.

Some highlights:

Carell: "You are just jealous because you're stuck here in the same building, just a half an hour later. What's the matter, doesn't Jon Stewart's teet come with an extension cord?"

After Carell's boasted that he had ten chairs, Colbert responded: "Ooh, ten chairs. You could seat everyone who saw 'Dan In Real Life.'"

The one thing they could agree on? That they're lucky to no longer work for Jon Stewart. Said a tearful Colbert: "That asshole really held us back while he was launching our careers."

But of course the segment wouldn't be complete with an appearance by Stewart himself, looking over them with pride.