'The Daily Show's' Ronny Chieng 'Joins' Kim Jong Un's Jogging Bodyguards

Trevor Noah predicts a sponsorship deal for the unit.

Looks like there’s a new member of Kim Jong Un’s pack of jogging bodyguards.

“The Daily Show” spoofed the North Korean leader’s security team in an episode following Kim’s meeting with President Donald Trump in Singapore earlier this week. Kim’s bodyguards have gained quite a bit of attention across the internet for running alongside the leader’s car, all while wearing suits and ties, as he traveled around Singapore. 

“Daily Show” host Trevor Noah joked that it’s only a “matter of time” before the bodyguards get their own sponsorship deals. So Ronny Chieng, one of the show’s senior correspondents, posed as one of them in a faux Nike ad. 

Chieng was clearly made for this gig. 

The correspondent suits up in fake Nike dress shoes and teases the laundry list of requirements to qualify as a jogging bodyguard. 

″People ask, ‘why you?’” Chieng says in the clip. “I say, he only picks the fittest and best looking.” 

Indeed, the bodyguards need to meet certain criteria to be picked as part of Kim’s pack. The BBC notes that the men are chosen for their fitness, martial arts skills and looks. They also undergo a rigorous background check, which goes back two generations. 

The job definitely does not sound like a walk in the park, that’s for sure.