'The Daily Show' Nails Why A Trump 'N-Word' Tape Would 'Turn This World Upside Down'

"The last thing we need is his supporters hearing him say the N-word," correspondent Roy Wood Jr. said.

The Daily Show” correspondent Roy Wood Jr. explained exactly why he definitely does not want an alleged recording of President Donald Trump using a racial slur to be released.

On Wednesday’s episode, Wood noted that “whenever Trump crosses a line, it only emboldens people to follow him.”

“He says ‘Nazis are fine people,’ now Nazis throwing block parties in D.C.,” Wood quipped.

“The last thing we need is his supporters hearing him say the N-word, ’cause then the floodgates open, we’re going to hear Trump supporters using that word everywhere,” Wood added. “They’re going to turn this world upside down.”

Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman this week claimed to have heard a recording of Trump using the racial epithet, reviving speculation that he was captured on outtakes of his reality TV show “The Apprentice.”

No such tape has surfaced, and Trump denies its existence. On Tuesday, he tweeted that he didn’t “have that word in my vocabulary.”

Check out the clip above.