'Daily Show' Visits Russia, Discovers It's A Republican Paradise

After the Cold War, American conservatives frequently used Russia as an example of failed liberal policies. "Go back to Russia, comrade!" was a common refrain. But as Jason Jones of "The Daily Show" found out when he visited recently, modern-day Russia is now a Republican's dream.

"Now it seems the red scare has become the ultimate red state," Jones said. Indeed, he spoke to several Russian officials on the subjects of the economy (13% flat tax with no budget deficit), immigration (cheap labor, but at a cost to national identity), feminism (both men and women are tired of it), gun control (even liberals are opposed), sexual freedom (homosexuality is outlawed) and religion (abortion and premarital sex are effectively against the law in the name of the free market).

Jones pointed out that these days, Homer Simpson's quote, "If you don't like it, go to Russia!" could best be applied to Republicans worried about America's future. Check out the full clip above.